Real Writing Jobs Review

Here it comes the first review!

Real Writing Jobs is a paid membership website where members will get information on how to apply for freelance positons. Members will also receive training and tutorials on how to become a freelance writer, receive access to hundreds of jobs that are ready to be filled, and receive free writing books and software. There is unlimited help and support included in the membership to make sure that each member can get the best freelance writing positions.

There are all types of writing jobs available - anything from writing blog posts to doing proofreading assignments. If you like to write reviews or articles then the amount of money that can be made is unlimited - the amount of money you can make totally depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest. Most jobs and companies pay immediately upon completion of the assignment through Paypal though each company is different and the payment options will be spelled out before you even sign up for a writing position.

RealWritingJobs will give you instruction on everything concerning getting writing jobs, they will go over how to bid on projects, what will be expected of you if you do win the writing position, and give you instruction and resources on how to best complete the various writing assignments available. A trial membership is available in RealWritingJobs - you can join for 7 days for only $4.95. If you like the information on the website you will be billed an additional one-time $77. And it does come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Some random comments I found on the net about this making money online system:

Renderer said:
"I've tried a lot of work at home type products, but I have to say, this one really does deliver.

Of course this is not a "get rich quick" type offer. You do have to put some work in.. but if you are patient you will see that their claims are actually true.

You can make some decent money after you get established doing some simple writing jobs on the side. I've already gotten a few writing jobs and am starting to get noticed by more and more companies. It's awesome! It's nice to see that some products can still deliver on their promises.

Cheez1 said:
"I'm the kind of person who believes you should never have to pay for a job. For that reason, I was a little skeptical about Real Writing Jobs. I decided to go for it alter reading some good reviews and decided to make freelancing a main source of income. After signing up I was impressed with the site organization and quality. 

The tips for writing bids and proposals helped me to get a few jobs. I found the tools included on the site to be useful in many of my jobs, for things like checking keyword density. I use it mostly for the information, and it's not the first place I check for freelancing work. However, I haven't had any problems with the jobs I've done on the site. My only complaint is the price, but you can easily make it back in a couple days if you're a decent freelancer."  

Toluse said:
"I registered for real writing jobs about two months ago and since then, I have received four paychecks. I have made a total of about $800 through writing for companies as a freelance writer. This site offers you all the training you need in order to become a good freelance writer. I get an average of two writing jobs per day. This is a really good way to make an extra income for yourself. I will recommend any one who can write to join real writing jobs. The membership fee is truly worth it. This is a pretty good way of making money online. For those who love to write, you can now get paid to do so."


Personally, after some initial vacillations (I wasn't that happy to pay for a job, although the fee is really small, and beside that writing isn't my brightest skill - as probably you've already hinted after reading this review, lol :) ), I decided to subscribe and give it a try, and so far I couldn't be more satisfied. Real Writing Jobs at the moment is bringing in about 30% of my monthly income (about 250-300 USD per month), and if it's not more it's just because I prefer to focus on my more advanced skills (like creating websites) as opposed to writing.

Well, one thing is for sure, if an average writer like myself could make money on that site, definitely you can, too :)

Below there's the site URL, check it by yourselves and decide if it's worth giving a try. Keep in mind that sometimes they close the subscriptions until new positions are available, I hope you'll find the subscribe form open (at the moment I'm writing it is), if not try at a later time: